Innovative Medical Infrastructure in Rwanda (IMIR)

In addition to engaging  with socio-environmental sectors in Rwanda, FuelGroup also seeks to invest in the health and wellbeing of Rwandans, understanding the latter as an essential ingredient of a thriving society. FuelGroup is partnering with the Ministry of Health, the Imbuto Foundation and the Institute of Applied Sciences Ruhengeri (INES – Ruhengeri) to implement the multi-tiered Innovative Medical Infrastructure in Rwanda (IMIR) project.  This five-year endeavor aims at modernizing the medical infrastructure in Rwanda and building mentorship and capacity building between Rwandan and European medical academics and professionals. Over the course of five days, the delegation met with the Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Ngamije Daniel, the Director General of the Imbuto Foundation, Ms Sandrine Umutoni, and the Vice Chancellor of the INES – Ruhengeri to further discuss IMIR.

Ministry of Health, Rwanda

On August 05, August 08

With the support garnered from the Minister of Health, FuelGroup is excited to partner with the Ministry of Health in the expansion, renovation, and development of four District Hospitals. Over the course of two days, the delegation met with the Ministry of Health to tour case studies, which included the Muhima District Hospital and the Kicukiro Medicalized Health Center, and identify potential sites and hospital candidates for the project. 

Imbuto Foundation, Rwanda

On August 03

FuelGroup is also thrilled to assist the Imbuto Foundation in achieving the Health Sector goals as outlined in the National Strategy for Transformation 1 (NST1, 2017-2024). To that end, FuelGroup will develop ten new Medicalized Health Centers around the country, adding to the existing three currently built and operating.

Picture:  Imbuto Foundation’s Kigali office. From the left: Chief Operating Officer – FuelGroup, Ms. Klaudia Niwecka; Director General of Imbuto Foundation, Mrs. Sandrine Umutoni; Head of the Department of Health, Mr. Jackson Vugayabagabo.

INES -Ruhengeri, Rwanda

On August 03

FuelGroup’s third partner for the IMIR project is one of Rwanda’s leading polytechnic institutes. Having met INES-Ruhengeri’s Vice Chancellor this past July in Poland, FuelGroup once again visited with the Vice Chancellor in Kigali on August 3rd. The new Biomedical and Engineering Center, which will be developed by FuelGroup in accordance with the Institution’s Development plan, will include infrastructure and capacity development, as well as skills transfer to support biomedical sector in Rwanda.

Picture: INES- Ruhengeri Polytechnic, in the center: INES Rector Dr. Fabien HAGENIMANA; INES- Ruhengeri reprezentative (7th from the right) , Rt. Rev. Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA (7th from the left).

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